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'A Consultation with Mel, of Mettle + Grace, is like a therapy session for the kitchen. I explained every area I find challenging with my new dietary requirements my doctor gave me. I was struggling with ideas of what to cook, what pre-packaged products I could use instead. Mel taught me about new ingredients and how to use them, she researched and read every single label for me and listed them clearly in our notes so all I needed to do was click and collect online. She has saved me from so much angst and time lost researching'.

- Customer



The first step for new clients is a one-on-one consultation to establish a deep understanding of your connection to food and develop a strategy moving forward. Consultations are conducted on ZOOM. Have a copy of your diet/dietary restrictions as recommended by your health professional in front of you before the session begins, or send through when booking your Consultation. The consultation will go for 60 to 90 minutes with a qualified chef experienced in cooking with allergies, intolerances and restrictions. Consultation is $110. 


Our Personalised Home Cooking Classes

Private one-on-one, $60 per hour excluding food expenses. For a group cooking class, price depends upon number of participants, please send us an email. 

Following your initial consultation, our qualified chef will develop a personalised cooking class which fits your kitchen set-up, budget and diet. 

One-on-one cooking classes are held in the comfort of your own home for optimized learning. Mettle + Grace approach is to elevate the learning potential of our clients. We find it is more beneficial for our clients to learn how to cook in a kitchen they are familiar with. The class is a minimum of 2 hours with the option to extend. It is unnecessary for you to buy bundles of kitchen equipment prior, a hygienic and tidy kitchen is all we require to carry out the class.

Public Group Cooking Classes 2022 


Food For Mind + Gut

16th of July & 6th of November 

CERES Community Kitchen 


Gluten-free Kitchen Skills 

26th of June 

CERES Community Kitchen 


Veggies In Desserts 

28th of August 

CERES Community Kitchen 



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