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If you are a recent convert, a lifetime member or someone who wants to include more vegan meals in your diet, this kit is perfect! We have squeezed everything you need to know into our 45 page kit for you to get started. 


Included in our starter kit: 

- Mindful eating tips on how to maximise absorption of essential vitamins and minerals from your meals, through food pairing. 

- Hot tips on how to include more homemade vegan eats into your diet 

- A rotating 4-week vegan dinner meal plan 

- More than 30+ dinner ideas 

- Essential spice mix recipes, allowing you to express your creativity in the kitchen 

- Vegan recipes for every meal of the day; Chai Granola / Vanilla Pancakes / Pumpkin Bread / Mexican Beans / Bechamel / Raw Spaghetti Bolognese (including walnut meat recipe) / Falafels / Lentil + Seaweed Salad / Warm North African Salad / Thai Tofu Skewers / Sunflower-seed Tuna / Tandoori Eggplant / Spice recipes / Chocolate Caramel Slice with Vegan Whip / Donuts / Lemon Meringue Pie / Chocolate Mousse / Breakfast Oat Cookies / Nut-free Bliss Balls / Zucchini Banana Bread / Granola Bars


This kit will show you just how delicious vegan food can be. It will shut-up those who think vegan meals are just salad and beans! 

Mettle + Grace Vegan Beginners eBook