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Has your doctor recommended you to commit to the Low FODMAP diet for 2-6 weeks? Don't worry, a life without onion and garlic isn't so bad. Infact, the Mettle + Grace Low FODMAP Starter Kit will show you how to keep well rounded flavour in every dish you make. 


Starter kit includes: 

- Mindful eating tips to include prebiotic and probiotic foods

- How to tips on the three phases of the Low FODMAP diet

- Eating Out advice 

- Meal planning and more than 30+ Dinner ideas 

- Our build your own Gluten-free Flour Blend formula

- Essential flavour recipes; spice mixes, dressings

- Recipes for every meal of the day; Banana Pancakes / Vanilla Waffle / Bread / Soaked Oats / Blueberry Chia Pudding / Lemon + Turmeric Granola / Breakfast Salsa / Moroccan Tagine / Big Green Salad / Chicken Skewers / Asian Slow-cooked Beef / Vegetable Sambar / Chocolate Teff Brownie / Yoghurt + Blueberry Cake / Tapioca Pudding / Pineapple + Banana Cake / Zucchini Hummus / Pesto / Seedy Crackers / Rice Crispy Treat / Choc Teff Cookies / Carrot Cake Cookies / Gingerbread Men / Lemon Poppyseed Cookies 


Our Starter Kit makes the restriction phase much easier to manage and much more delicious! 

Mettle + Grace Low FODMAP Beginners eBook