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Eating Guide. Volume 1: Winter Warming, our four-week cooking program providing you with tried and tested recipes to assist you with healthier meals, helpful cooking routines, quick recipes delivering high flavour profiles and the ability to adjust recipes to suit dietary restrictions. 


Our program is: 

- 4-week rotational menu, including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks 

- Weekly shopping lists 

- Weekly running sheet for when you choose to cook your meals in one go, bulk cooking 

- All of our recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free 

- Every single recipe can be made plant-based/vegan and low FODMAP 

- All of our recipes have been approved by a nutritionist 

- Hygiene and safe cooking practices 

- Supporting seasonal and local produce 

- 60+ recipes 


Cooking at home made easy, delicious and beneficial! 

Mettle + Grace Eating Guide. Volume 1: Winter Warming