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WHAT I ATE : a week in August

I only consume cows milk in a fermented form as in yoghurt and aged cheese. And only organic.

I eat gluten-free grains, plus low FODMAP grains spelt flour and oats. Oats are a fantastic prebiotic that I like to include in my diet where possible.

I don't eat refined sugar. The sugars I use are coconut sugar, dates and rice syrup. Occasionally I will use maple syrup. I don't consume a large amount of sweet foods in my diet. Nor do I consume a huge amount of fruit.

I hate smoothie bowls. I want real food, with crunch. I enjoy smoothies as a snack, plus I like that I can get an extra variety of fruit and vegetables via this snack.

I try to eat more vegetables than meat. When we do eat meat it is organic.

I like to include as many nuts and seeds into my diet each week.

I love a huge variety of cuisines and flavours.

I do not calorie count. I do not measure my meals by cups. I eat until I feel full and I eat again when I am hungry.

My main concern is sourcing a mixture of foods to provide my body with as many different vitamins and minerals as possible.

I eat food because I enjoy it.

I don't like to eat the same meal for dinner three nights in a row. I have to mix it up. Even breakfast needs to be different each day.

Food isn't just fuel to me, it is delicious enjoyment.

Take a look at my week of eating.

WHAT I ATE: August

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