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BONUS recipes featured in Gippslandia

Gippslandia has included our recipes that were created for "The Circle Farm" event. The event welcomed 30 local foodies led by Matt Sykes the host housing incredible insight into the local area of Warragul. A snippet of the article is below.

"The Circle Farm’s creator, Matt Sykes, was both the central instigator of the educational walk and the link between all the diverse parties involved. He is also a sterling guide. From the outset, as he acknowledged the Gunaikurnai, the traditional custodians of the land, and revealed details on their fire farming techniques, you knew the day’s journey was in safe hands...........Determining the motivation behind Food Studio’s involvement would surely not be as obvious. After all, Fårikål or Fiskesuppe haven’t appeared on many bistro menus ‘round here. As Matt explained, he’d been motivated by the Food Studio’s aim of, ‘wishing to change today’s food system to a more sustainable network in the near future’ (surely, the stunning visuals that accompany their work had some positive influence too).Getting in contact with Food Studio Founder, Cecilie Dawes initiated conversations and in 2015, Cecilie, her French friend Nina, and Matt enjoyed an incredible food tour of Tasmania. A shared interest in locally-sourced communal meals and more sustainable food systems had lead one of the world’s most forward-thinking food projects to Gippsland."

The recipes created for this event include native Australian ingredients and are centred around cooking on the fire, however can be made at home in your kitchen too. Click on the link to read the article and discover the BONUS recipes

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