The first step for new clients is a one-on-one consultation to establish a deep understanding of your connection to food and develop a strategy moving forward. Bring with you a copy of your diet/dietary restrictions as recommended by your health professional. The consultation will go for 60 to 90 minutes with a qualified chef experienced in cooking with allergies, intolerances and restrictions. Initial consultation is $110. 


Our Personalised Home Cooking Classes

Private one-on-one, $60 per hour excluding food expenses. For a group cooking class, price depends upon number of participants, please send us an email. 

Following your initial consultation, our qualified chef will develop a personalised cooking class which fits your kitchen set-up, budget and diet. 

One-on-one cooking classes are held in the comfort of your own home for optimised learning. Mettle + Grace approach is to elevate the learning potential of our clients. We find it is more beneficial for our clients to learn how to cook in a kitchen they are familiar with. The class is a minimum of 2 hours with the option to extend. It is unnecessary for you to buy bundles of kitchen equipment prior, a hygienic and tidy kitchen is all we require to carry out the class.  

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