60 min session is $90 ​

The first step for new clients is a one-on-one consultation to establish a deep understanding of your connection to food and develop a strategy in moving forward.  We work with you to develop a plan in your steps towards cooking wholesome, fresh, home-cooked meals. The consultation establishes the fundamentals in determining the recommended starting point for your individual food plan. Mettle + Grace approach is to ensure you are empowered with ingredient education, cooking skills and support.

The consultation is 60-90 minutes with a qualified chef, experienced in cooking with allergies, intolerances and restrictions. We will discuss the following:

  • Food conversation of likes/dislikes. This is a personal approach to food, we believe sticking to a new food regime is made easier when you enjoy what you eat. 

  • Review the diet recommended by your doctor or significant health professional.  

  • Analysis of kitchen skills and equipment available in order to gain suitable direction in meal planning. It isn't necessary for you to buy bundles of kitchen equipment, we can work with what you have and create suitable meals to cook. 

  • Ingredient education; including brands, where to buy, how to cook, how to eat and more. 

  • Discuss meal planning and grocery shopping routine. 

  • Goal setting of what you wish to achieve in your home-cooking, diet and desired health destination. Changing the way you eat is a process, we recommend for you to make the change step by step. 



3hr class $165 / additional time $40 per hour. 

Following your initial consultation, our qualified chef will develop 4-5 recipes customised to your food goals, skill level, kitchen set-up, budget and diet, in preparation for your private cooking class. 


One-on-one cooking classes are held in the comfort of your home for optimised learning. Mettle + Grace approach is to elevate the learning potential for our clients. We find it is more beneficial for our clients to learn how to cook in a kitchen they are familiar with. The class is a minimum of 3 hours with the option to extend hour by hour. It is unnecessary for you to buy bundles of kitchen equipment prior, a hygienic and tidy kitchen is all we require to carry out the class. Our chef will bring their tool box including knives, scales, timers and utensils.


You will cook alongside our chef in cooking your new collection of customised recipes developed for your class. 

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